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Wedding Celebration - STL International

Wedding Celebration

In the beautiful village of Blimbing Sari on the island of Bali, Yohanes Anakota married Eka Setianingsih on October 10, 2010, with family and friends gathered around. Yohanes’ “family” included several American members of the ministry team.

Yohanes chose Randy and Debbie Denham to serve as his parents for the wedding ceremony. That choice reflected the strong, deep relationships that the seven-year-old ministry has developed.

Yohanes has served with the ministry for five years and is currently directing its activities in Bali. The Lord has grown Yohanes into a Godly man and teacher of His word. Just weeks after his wedding, he graduated with a Masters Degree from a college on Java.

Others in the ministry are also furthering their educations. Peter, the first Indonesian staffer to attend Bible college outside the country, is in the Philippines. The Indonesian doctor, Sessy, is studying to be a surgeon.

Raising up Indonesian ministry leaders is an important part of the ministry’s long term mission.

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