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Who We Are …

STL International stands for “Shine the Light,” as Jesus taught his disciples in Mathew 5:16. “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.”

After seven years of ministry in Indonesia, this nonprofit organization (previously known as Revive Indonesia) has grown and developed strong relationships with churches and villages on several of Indonesia’s islands. While we will retain a primary focus on bringing God’s word to the Indonesian peoples, our staff and associate teachers are also reaching out to other parts of Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, parts of China and Malaysia. The “international” in the new name reflects this expanded reach, some of which are in partnership with Indonesian churches.

The past seven years served as a period of learning and “refining” for the ministry with 2010 providing some of the most difficult challenges. While difficult, we witnessed many positive developments through our Lord’s faithfulness. He directed the move of the ministry’s Indonesian headquarters from Bali to Kupang, West Timor.

At first glance, Kupang does not seem ideal – it is dry and hot, with no famous surf spots and tourist attractions. In fact, one local called it the “armpit of Indonesia.” But here, we have found a marvelous opportunity to bring verse-by-verse teaching to a thriving Prayer Fellowship development. In partnership with the second largest denomination in Indonesia, STL teachers and visiting pastors are providing leadership training and support for these fellowships.

God has shown us that with this work, we see the beginnings of revival in Kupang, the local province and throughout Indonesia. The prayer fellowships meet in homes, where already some 300 are worshipping and studying. The need for training of these leaders is great. We also expect to develop a Shepherd’s certificate for 100 of these leaders. We are very excited about this opportunity.

Randy Denham
President STL International

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