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Improving Health

Regular health care is too costly for many of the poor villagers who live on the island of Bali
(some in the shadow of luxurious resorts) and in remote areas of Indonesia. This is a need
that STL staff and volunteers have been called to meet.

A fulltime Indonesian doctor is on staff in Indonesia and regularly visits villages and orphanages as part of the mission’s ongoing outreach. Volunteers including a California dentist and optometrist have served villagers on a regular basis while Debbie Denham, a practicing dental hygienist, has instructed young and old alike in dental health, while giving many their first cleaning. Support for the dental and medical outreaches is vital.

Volunteers from the United States regularly accompany and assist the medical professionals while others send supplies (including toothbrushes, toothpaste and children’s vitamins) to help in the effort.

Thousands of Indonesians have received medical care through the STL medical outreaches.

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